Strategic Communications

Unlock the full power of your voice. Expand your reach.

“Communication – the human connection – is the the key to personal and career success.”             - Paul J. Meyer

Friendship Fountain, Jacksonville, FL

At Isthmus, we know that big ideas and big projects benefit from clear, strategic plans for communication. The need for communications can take on many forms. Often, the needs are strictly internal to ensure staff fully understands goals and objectives. Sometimes, there’s need for a full public rollout including marketing, social media and earned media strategy.

Are you a new company developing a narrative for customers? Are you an existing company examining brand strategy? Are you a customer-focused brand trying to expand your reach? Our expertise can help you:

  • Coach executives on effective internal communications practices and public speaking
  • Build positive reaction in the community by telling the unique story of your brand
  • Develop sound practices and policy for internal and external communications
  • Structure the narrative of a new process, service or product
  • Manage crisis situations such as layoffs and bad publicity
  • Develop and execute a strategic communications plan, with social media and earned press

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